INITIATION FLIGHT: Take the controls

Make your dream come true and fly a helicopter. Surprise yourself: try your hand as the pilot under the safe supervision of a pilot instructor!

Your flying lesson begins with a pre-flight briefing from the instructor, lasting approximately 20 to 25 minutes. This briefing will focus on safety and an introduction to some of the controls. Then it’s time to board the helicopter and strap yourself in. You will be given headphones so that you can hear the conversations between your instructor and air traffic control, and for you to talk with your instructor. Once in the air, you will be able to take the controls, but it is usually your pilot who will take off and land.

These flights can be operated throughout the week except Sundays and public holidays, depending on our availability.

CHF.- 750
Flight 30min R44
CHF.- 1100
Flight 45min R44
CHF.- 1400
Flight 60min R44
CHF.- 1800
Flight 30 min AS350
CHF.- 2400
Flight 45 min AS350


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