Is it the sun, present 300 days a year, its historical and cultural richness, which shines around the world, the changing reflections of the sea that borders it or the peaks that dominate it, its dazzling beauty, its colourful accent? All those who have approached it keep in their hearts the memory of a rare and precious moment. Of those who enlighten us from within, set hearts ablaze and make stars shine in our eyes. In the typical alleys or on the piazzettas, on the beaches bathed in light or in the shade of the wooded parks, in the hustle and bustle of the markets or the colourful gastronomy, during an aperitif on the terrace or a stroll along the port, you will feel it crossing, invading and transporting you that irresistible desire to enjoy the moment. You are in Nice, capital of the art of living.

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Address : Aérport de Nice Côte d’Azur

Flight times: Geneva Airport – Nice / 95min


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